Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts


To Malta Town Council: Paul Sausville, Tara Thomas, Maggie Ruisi, Peter Klotz and John Hartzell

For over a year the people of Malta have spoken out loud in opposition to the construction of roundabouts on the Round Lake Road Corridor. We have made it clear that we prefer the traffic light controlled intersections and turning lanes which are safer for pedestrians, our children and seniors while also being less expensive. 

We ask you again to stand with the people you are elected to serve, to protect the public good and to reject the confiscation of citizen's property for sub-standard, non-conforming roundabouts that jeopardize our citizen's safety and split up our neighborhoods. 

We the undersigned will be holding you accountable for your actions. 


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    The roundabouts are a safety hazard.
  • signed 2014-02-20 11:44:48 -0800
    The proposed roundabouts create an unnecessary safety concern for students who are walking to school. There is no mechanism to stop traffic, allowing the children to cross safely.
  • signed 2014-02-20 11:34:48 -0800
    If Global foundries built exit 11a like they originally promised to do and were not constantly looking for excuses not to build exit 11a out of there own greed, we wouldn’t have the congestion and there would be no need for anymore circles. If we don’t get 11a there is no doubt in my mind they will get the circles anywhere they want. They will buy there way, they are already trying. Speak out.
  • signed 2014-02-20 11:03:24 -0800
    I am very much against roundabouts!!! There are already “7”, yes 7 roundabouts just between my front door and State Farm….enough is enough. Every time I drive through the 4 corners, someone has just pulled out in front of me and has No clue what they are doing.
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    Against it.Its not safe.We live here.It should be up to us to decide what we want.
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    Public safety is the most important issue concerning the roundabouts. We need to consider the students who attend Chango Elementary School and the find the safest way to get them there.
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    Pay attention to the people, the money and the safety. NO more traffic circles!
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    I find it appalling that 4 out of 5 of our town leaders refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming citizen feedback that the citizens prefer the equal alternative to improving congestion and the safer alternative for pedestrians (signalized intersections with turn lanes). Funny how Chazen engineers, who presented and stated at the Town Hall meeting that the alternatives were equal and that either alternative would satisfy congestion relief, are now absent in guiding the Town Council through the decision process. I can only guess the woman engineer speaking frankly was never invited back to guide the Town. Funny how Creighton Manning is allowed to profit both from the feasibility pre-spec engineering studies and also from the construction engineering and management phase. Let’s see, would I not favor the most expensive option of roundabouts.

    I have worked internationally and been involved in infrastructure projects funded by World Bank and USAID. These organization have written rules to avoid conflicts of interest so that companies (not individuals) that are awarded upfront engineering and consulting contracts are barred from being awarded any contracts for the supply phase of the job.

    I recently returned from a trip to France and had the opportunity first hand to navigate the roundabouts in a medium size town with a manufacturing facility (maybe not so different from the situation we are growing into). I was amazed at the complexity of signalized metered entrances to the roundabouts together with signalized pedestrian pathways. Evidently as volume increases roundabouts again queue up uncontrolled, and locals told me the authorities had to go back in and add all the expensive signaling to handle the increased traffic. We queued up for three lights at one roundabout and two lights were within the roundabout itself.

    I have also observed that the local citizens on adjacent intersections in our region have significant difficulty getting on the main road due to the continuous flow and small gaps between vehicles due to the roundabouts.

    We don’t want or need every hamlet in Town of the Northway to become known as Roundaboutville. There is a better alternative, equal for traffic flow, that is less expensive and safer for pedestrians to cross.
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    Last meeting I attended we were told this was still in the discussion phase. Next thing you hear it’s a done deal. Very disappointing.
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    I’m tired of having elected representatives who don’t seem to know I’m alive.
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    The setting sun can be blinding to drivers going west on Round Lake Rd. It is often difficult to see pedestrians and bicycles under normal circumstances.
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    Left turn lanes will work just as well and be safer for pedestrians. In each proposed roundabout, you have a minor road and a major road (Round Lake Rd). The cars from the minor roads will have a very hard time entering the roundabout. Why are you not listening to the residents???
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    Federal Pork used to make our streets unsafe. Roundabouts don’t fit…and neither does the politics. Listen to the People of Malta and act on their wishes. Stop the seizure of the resident’s property for the substandard non-conforming unsafe roundabouts.