Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts


To Malta Town Council: Paul Sausville, Tara Thomas, Maggie Ruisi, Peter Klotz and John Hartzell

For over a year the people of Malta have spoken out loud in opposition to the construction of roundabouts on the Round Lake Road Corridor. We have made it clear that we prefer the traffic light controlled intersections and turning lanes which are safer for pedestrians, our children and seniors while also being less expensive. 

We ask you again to stand with the people you are elected to serve, to protect the public good and to reject the confiscation of citizen's property for sub-standard, non-conforming roundabouts that jeopardize our citizen's safety and split up our neighborhoods. 

We the undersigned will be holding you accountable for your actions. 


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    Sign the petition: Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts
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    roundabouts are not needed, but traffic lights with walk and turn signals would be better for all. LOWER THE SPEED LIMITS
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    I realize that something must be done to improve traffic on Round Lake Road. The intersection near Stewart’s should have turning lanes. Roundabouts are much too dangerous for pedestrians.
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    I drive this way in prime “rush hour” traffic every day, and it does not seem that there is need for a roundabout – nothing that a turn arrow or extra turn lane at Raylinsky Rd wouldn’t fix. – a roundabout just seems overboard. And also not a good enough reason to institute eminent domain. That should only be done in extreme cases in my opinion. The Malta Town Council should speak for the people, not for their own interests.
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    Sign the petition: Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts
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    Valatie NY installed a small roundabout. Nothing but a nightmare. It had to be reconfigured as the school buses and large trucks could not navigate the the the small circumference. Even re configured it is not too safe. There have been a few truck rollovers. One of the roll overs resulted in a chemical spill of fuel.
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    Sign the petition: Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts
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    There are times when drivers should be “told” what to do and not given a choice of action. In my opinion, roundabouts give drivers a choice of action: enter the circle now, which lane should I be in, stop and wait before entering the circle. I think proper turning lanes and smart signal lights direct drivers in a safer manner, especially on Round Lake Road with so many egresses in a short distance.
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    Wider road with turn lanes and turn lights takes less land from business’s and controls traffic.

    Small roundabouts slow and hinder completely the much used truck route on Round Lake Road. Look at all the driveway entrances ,Stewarts (2) Rhule Rd and Round Lake Rd , Rite Aid / Dentist /Bank /Raylinsky, Shultz , Sunoco Station , Golf course , Truck Stop ,Getty , Resturant ,WOW so many crammed in with poor planning ,now what? What a cluster . Traffic slows enough for all these plus the I87 approach. Aerial view must look like a kids scribble . Lets NOT do to the Citizens as our King Cuomo is doing! NOT LISTEN.

    Lets us do the right thing for the area.

    Round Lake Road is an East/West corridor and will only get busier ,lets not have another Rexford Bridge fiasco ,it can be done correctly now.

    My opinion !

    I am a Republican and I have always voted!
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    A hometown community, such as we enjoy here off exit 11, with sidewalks from neighborhoods such as all the knolls, Ruhle & Raylinsky, Hearthwood, Malta Meadows Senior housing – all leading to the local Stewart’s, Rite Aid, Hannaford and Chango elementary school have no need for a roundabout to keep traffic moving. 80% of the time I sit at a red light on Round Lake Road and I watch kids with bikes, walkers, joggers, families going to Dan’s to play golf or get Ice Cream cross this intersection. This would definitely present a safety hazard to these neighbors; seniors and children. All we need are left-hand turning lanes and corresponding traffic signals w/ pedestrian controls. With all the engineering studies that our town has paid for, we could have had this done by now. Stop wasting money and making sub-standard choices that endanger our lives and disrupt our community.