Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts


To Malta Town Council: Paul Sausville, Tara Thomas, Maggie Ruisi, Peter Klotz and John Hartzell

For over a year the people of Malta have spoken out loud in opposition to the construction of roundabouts on the Round Lake Road Corridor. We have made it clear that we prefer the traffic light controlled intersections and turning lanes which are safer for pedestrians, our children and seniors while also being less expensive. 

We ask you again to stand with the people you are elected to serve, to protect the public good and to reject the confiscation of citizen's property for sub-standard, non-conforming roundabouts that jeopardize our citizen's safety and split up our neighborhoods. 

We the undersigned will be holding you accountable for your actions. 


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    No need for roundabouts on Round Lake Road. Directional lights, expanded turning lanes and proper crosswalks are the best choice.
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    Roundabouts will be dangerous for pedestrians. The proposed roundabouts will just add to congestion.
  • signed 2014-02-28 10:59:42 -0800
    Not enough traffic for round abouts. Will cause more congestion.
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    Hello…this is not the first time I (we) have written. So again, we are AGAINST roundabouts on Round Lake Road. A left turn lane would, in our opinion, keep traffic moving along well and preserve the safety of all pedestrians. Malta has too many unnecessary roundabouts as it is!! Enought is enough!
  • signed 2014-02-28 08:40:08 -0800
    I don’t believe the town board is listening. Before the election, I challenged John Hartzell

    to navigate this corridor between 4-6 pm and then tell me what good roundabouts would do. Apparently he listened as he is the only one that voted it down.

    Let’s use a little common sense, that seems to be lacking in the experts reports, and do this the right way.
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    Sign the petition: Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts
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    I do not want roundabouts on Round Lake Rd, where that street intersects with both Chango Drive and Ruhle Rd. We are a town of circles, and it’s getting ridiculous. They are not the answer to every traffic problem. They are not safe for pedestrians in any way – just look at Exit 12 – no one can safely cross in the cross walks at any one of those roundabouts! Please put in turn signal lights instead!!
  • signed 2014-02-28 06:07:04 -0800
    In some situations such as the intersection of Route 9 and the Exit 11/Round Lake Bypass, roundabouts are appropriate. However, due to safety reasons, costs, and overall need they are definitely not appropriate for either the Round Lake Road/Ruhle Road South or the Round Lake/Chango Drive intersections . Please Mr. Sausville listen to what your constituents are telling you and stop this madness!!!
  • signed 2014-02-28 05:28:44 -0800
    There is absolutely no need for roundabouts on the Round Lake Road corridor west of I-87. What those intersections need is turning lanes with directional arrows – plain and simple. Do the right thing and squash the idea of roundabouts in our community.
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    Due to safety issues, I definitely favor traffic signals and turn lanes instead of roundabouts.
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    The United States Transportation Research Board studies have shown that motorists yield 85% of the time for pedestrians at signalized intersections and yield only 68% of the time at roundabouts. It is clear what is the true experts consider the safer design of intersection.
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    Sign the petition: Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts