Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts


To Malta Town Council: Paul Sausville, Tara Thomas, Maggie Ruisi, Peter Klotz and John Hartzell

For over a year the people of Malta have spoken out loud in opposition to the construction of roundabouts on the Round Lake Road Corridor. We have made it clear that we prefer the traffic light controlled intersections and turning lanes which are safer for pedestrians, our children and seniors while also being less expensive. 

We ask you again to stand with the people you are elected to serve, to protect the public good and to reject the confiscation of citizen's property for sub-standard, non-conforming roundabouts that jeopardize our citizen's safety and split up our neighborhoods. 

We the undersigned will be holding you accountable for your actions. 


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    I don’t live in Malta or Round Lake, but I drive there all the time, and the spate of roundabout construction in recent years alarms me. It seems they are being constructed regardless of whether a roundabout is in fact the best solution for any given intersection. The travesty that is exit 11 is a case in point, it is hazardous in winter weather conditions, and due to the conflicting nature of the lane merges quite confusing to navigate, particularly for drivers unfamiliar with the area. I have seen any number of near misses there, and I try to avoid that area whenever possible. Please, stop cluttering up every single intersection with expensive and often unneeded roundabouts.
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    My daughter goes to school at chango and we oppose roundabouts in school areas.
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    One would think Malta has done enough damage with their crop circles. I call them crop circles becuase whomever designed them and forced them on the community and public at large had to be from another planet.The planet where they are still learning to walk upright. People cannot get used to them . People cannot learn to neogioate them and they are an utter falure .So lets build more. How absurd. The numbers of accidents have gone up what %??? In Malta, the roundabout at Route 9, Route 67 and Dunning Street went from an average of 7.8 crashes a year before the rotary to 45.7 a year afterward.But its ok because now they are only side swipe accidents. Who could possiblty think this way.

    Maybe it was the same group of genius that decided destroying Malta by FORCING GlobalFoundires was a good idea as well.Globalfoundries if you are unaware is the company owned by the goverment of Dubai FORCED on Malta by some Albany and Saratoga Councty carpetbaggers with dollar signs in their eyes . After takng 3 billion in NY Tax Dollars and tax breaks they have handed the project over to Unions who have brought in workers from out of state while local qualified NY Tax Payers/workers have sat home on unemployment.

    Seems to me the residents of Malta and Saratoga County should not be FORCED to do anything by outside groups who are looking for a quick profit or to force their absurd delusions, like the Malta Crop Circles, on residents and taxpayers. Maybe the people losing thier land by theft called “eminent domain” can recoup the money by Selling “Malta. Home of the Crop Circles” Tee shirts
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    Sign the petition: Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts
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    Sign the petition: Citizens Against Proposed Exit 11 Roundabouts