My Malta is dedicated to informing and sharing citizen views on important issues that affect residents. Right now, we are focusing our attention on the proposed roundabouts for Round Lake Rd.  We believe that a signalized intersection is a better option for our community.


It is easy to decide which is safer:

The SIGNALIZED INTERSECTION option includes pedestrian controlled buttons which changes the legal right of way to protect pedestrians & bicyclists.  The ROUNDABOUT option does not provide any type of traffic control and the legal right of way remains with the vehicles on the roadway. 

NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1151              




The roundabouts planned for Ruhle Road and Chango Drive do not comply with engineering standards. The engineers had to apply for a NON-STANDARD waiver???? As the residents said from the beginning, there is INSUFFICIENT room to construct roundabouts at these intersections. The engineers were unable to comply with the splitter island length, entry and exit angles and had to flatten the circles to shoehorn the roundabout into this area. This will result in faster speeds. The signalized intersection alternative with turning lanes has the pedestrian activated buttons, is undoubtedly MUCH safer for our elementary school children and seniors. Furthermore, it doesn't require the extensive seizing of property and is 2 million dollars cheaper. The informed residents have spoken loudly against this travesty. We need to support our neighbors who are having their property seized and depreciated when their is a safer choice for the benefit of ALL the public. Our wishes are for improved neighborhood mobility, not for the unjustifiable profit of non-residents.

-Woody Sloat