Letter to the Editor: It’s Up to You, Malta

The registered Republican and Conservative residents of Malta have an unusual opportunity to make a change in their elected representatives by voting in the September 10, 2015 primary for Town Council. The current town board members continue to ignore the wishes of the people they are supposed to represent by approving what appears to benefit the businesses in Malta or themselves, rather than their bosses, the residents.

Time and again, your representatives have spit in your eye. One of the most notable exampleswas the travesty imposed on the people of Round Lake who, despite having over 400 signatures on a petition opposing the installation of roundabouts in their neighborhood due to safety concerns, had their wishes totally ignored by the town board in favor of supporting a biased report that ultimately benefitted their paid engineer in my opinion. The town board chose to vote for the less safe and significantly more expensive option, rather than the much cheaper and potentially safer design.

That is not my idea of true representation.

It’s time to take a stand and effectuate a much needed change. I strongly encourage the eligible citizens of Malta to exercise your right to vote at the 9/10/15 primary and vote for Craig Warner and Tim Dunn for the Republican or write-in Conservative ballot. Malta seriously needs a change in direction and that will not take place as long as the status quo remains. The time is now. Please say NO to the incumbents. It’s up to you.

Lynda Bablin

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