GOP candidates disappointed town board holding ribbon cutting for roundabout that was overwhelmingly opposed by local residents


The Town of Malta Republican candidates for Town Supervisor and Town Board today responded to the announcement that the current Town Board will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, just over 12 hours after the polls close on Election Day. The candidates questioned both the timing and the logic behind conducting a ribbon cutting ceremony for a highway project, particularly for one that was universally rejected by local residents of the exit 11 area. After the current town board jockeyed for the roundabouts during the planning phase, local residents came together and submitted a petition with nearly 500 signatures opposing the plan that drastically changed the landscape of exit 11 and hurt many local small businesses. “I would question why this particular project would warrant a ribbon cutting, especially with the overwhelming opposition to this project that still exists today,” said Vince DeLucia, Town Supervisor candidate. “Over the last several months of speaking with voters and businesses in the area, their frustration with the process of how this project was approved could not be clearer. The next town board must do a better job of listening to residents’ concerns and making informed decisions before moving ahead with projects with such a large impact.” “The current town board has been giving us the roundabout for too long. Call it arrogance, outof-touch, or tone deaf: this ribbon cutting is a slap-in-the-face to the exit 11 community and it’s embarrassing,” said Tim Dunn, Town Board candidate. “Each door I have knocked on in the community has the same message: we didn’t want these roundabouts and they were shoved down our throats. With a clean-sweep on Tuesday, our new town board will ensure bad projects that ignore public input will not happen again.” “The next town board must do a better job of listening to the residents that will be impacted by such large-scale development projects,” said Town Board candidate Craig Warner. “These roundabouts dramatically altered the landscape and home-town feel of exit 11. There was overwhelming opposition to the roundabouts, nearly 500 signatures in opposition, but the project was steamrolled through.”

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