Malta Approves $1.275 Million Project for Athletic Fields (and more news)

Residents upset about planned construction of two roundabouts on Round Lake Roadcontinue to make waves. Ellwood “Woody” Sloat continued his regular practice of using the public comment portion of the meeting to denounce the board’s decision to build the roundabouts as not reflecting public sentiment in the area. And Kathleen Eitzmann, another roundabout opponent, said after the meeting that the issue is driving her campaign to win a seat on the town Republican Committee. She, Town Clerk Flo Sickels and Nick Willock will run for the two committee seats from District 10 in the Sept. 9 primary election.

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Sausville Changes His Tune!

2003 Gazette Article: "Recently, town planning board chairman Paul Sausville said he is concerned about how pedestrians would cross the highway there [through roundabout] and it would discourage people from crossing the road. "If there's always automobiles going through the circle, it could be difficult to get pedestrians across," Sausville said. 

From 2003 until now, Sausville certainly changed his tune about roundabouts. It seems like money talks so safety goes out the window. Check out the article below from 2003.,1463857

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Round Lake Residents Say 'No' To Roundabouts


"The C-M group stated they are going to move the Stewart’s at Ruhle Road’s entrance/exit back (north) 20 feet and extend the splitter island. This was previously determined to be not feasible because of the extensive telephone/water/sewer and utility systems in this specific area.  Many residents, including myself, are skeptical that this will ever happen and will probably result in a "change order" (which will drive the project cost further) once they get approvals. 

 "The citizens will watch every step of this construction," Sloat said.

Other residents at the public hearing concentrated on the safety issue of roundabouts, both for vehicles and pedestrians.

"I fear there will be children’s bodies lying in the road." Said Shelda Roerig, resident whose family tree includes original residents of this area. Her family currently owns the ice cream stand and miniature golf course near the proposed Ruhle / Raylinsky roundabout that many area children frequent.

Of the 16 commenters at the public hearing, only one spoke in favor of the project that the town board had voted for."

Read more of the Saratoga Today article at:

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The Daily Gazette Cartoon 3/7/14


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Roundabouts: The Other Malta Has Issues With Them Too


Apparently we are making the International news!  The island-state of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily (Italy), and it consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, of which Malta is the largest island. And the other Malta is is having roundabout trouble too.

Read the article from the country of Malta's newspaper at:

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Eminent Domain Hearing Draws Rath Of Malta Residents

"The public hearing featured more than a dozen speakers, and the crowd was boisterous, at one point shouting down Supervisor Paul Sausville when he tried to restore order.

 All but one of the speakers were against the roundabouts, citing concerns over pedestrian safety, and especially against eminent domain.

“Those of us who had an opinion were kept at arms length by the town board because they didn’t want to hear what we have to say,” said Mark Spatarro. “[Roundabouts] are not safe, there will be fatalities. This will continue to dog you. There are over 400 residents who will make sure you are fired. We’re going to remember.”

Read More From The Saratogian Article at:

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Residents Denounce Malta Town Board Over Roundabouts


"Opponents of two roundabouts planned for Round Lake Road presented a petition with what they said were the names of 439 local residents who want traffic lights there instead."

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Opponents Rally Against Roundabouts

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Residents Take Aim At Malta Traffic Circles


"Neither frigid temperatures nor the sense that roundabouts on Round Lake Road are a done deal could keep area residents from protesting the planned construction of two traffic circles west of Northway Exit 11 that they believe will be unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Dozens of people who live in areas near the Hannaford Plaza stood on the corner of Chango Drive toting signs in opposition to two roundabouts approved by the Town Board in January. Dozens more passing by honked their car horns in support.

A hearing on Monday will invite public comment on the town's plan to take slices of land from 13 residential and commercial properties through eminent domain for the project. But the decision to build the roundabouts has already been made, Malta SupervisorPaul Sausville said."

Read More From This Times Union Article At:

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Roundabout Protesters in Malta Cite Concerns About Safety


Kevin Eitzmann grew up in Malta, and when spring rolled around, he remembers all the neighborhood kids would ride their bikes over to Chango Elementary School each day. The short journey, which required crossing several intersections along Round Lake Road, was a fond childhood memory he hoped his own kids would experience one day.

“That was during rush-hour traffic and it was never a problem growing up because you’d wait for the stop light and you’d cross over and that was that,” he said.

If the town has its way and moves forward with installing two new roundabouts just west of Northway Exit 11, Eitzmann believes his kids won’t just miss out on spring bike rides to school, but they’ll be members of a neighborhood newly divided.

“I want them to be able to experience some of the same stuff we got to as kids, where we lived on one side of Round Lake Road and were friends with the kids on the other side and we all went to Chango,” he said Saturday from the sidewalk in front of Hannaford Plaza. “But when you’re putting a traffic hazard in the way, parents aren’t going to be as comfortable letting their kids cross over a main road like that anymore, so they’re not going to be able to experience the same community that we got to experience as kids, and I think that’s wrong.”

Read more of this great Daily Gazette article at:

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