Press Release From Sign-Waving Event

 The My Malta NY Citizens conducted a successful peaceful rally this morning at the intersection of Chango Drive and Round Lake Road, the site of one of the proposed roundabouts.   Approximately 75 people rallied to provide awareness and accurate information to fellow citizens.   The residents support the Peoples Preferred Alternative of signalized intersections with turning lanes and pedestrian arrows.  They worry about the children, seniors and all residents in the area who continually cross Round Lake Road.  Their safety will be severely compromised if the roundabout concept is approved.  Most of the citizens have studied the two alternatives presented by the profit motivated engineering firms and intelligently identified the signalized intersection option as the safest choice. The substandard roundabout proposed required drastic deviation from engineering standards due to the lack of available land even with the eminent domain seizures.  The absence or adjustment of many of the safety features to comply with engineering standards truly supports the people’s position.  These residents are motivated by safety and community unity which they feel is being jeopardized.  They are opposed to the proposed condemnation of their neighbor’s land, when they have a sensible and safer option.    Over 300 residents have signed petition against the unsafe roundabouts in the last week and a half.  They intend to hold their elected officials accountable for their decisions. 

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