Roundabout Protesters in Malta Cite Concerns About Safety


Kevin Eitzmann grew up in Malta, and when spring rolled around, he remembers all the neighborhood kids would ride their bikes over to Chango Elementary School each day. The short journey, which required crossing several intersections along Round Lake Road, was a fond childhood memory he hoped his own kids would experience one day.

“That was during rush-hour traffic and it was never a problem growing up because you’d wait for the stop light and you’d cross over and that was that,” he said.

If the town has its way and moves forward with installing two new roundabouts just west of Northway Exit 11, Eitzmann believes his kids won’t just miss out on spring bike rides to school, but they’ll be members of a neighborhood newly divided.

“I want them to be able to experience some of the same stuff we got to as kids, where we lived on one side of Round Lake Road and were friends with the kids on the other side and we all went to Chango,” he said Saturday from the sidewalk in front of Hannaford Plaza. “But when you’re putting a traffic hazard in the way, parents aren’t going to be as comfortable letting their kids cross over a main road like that anymore, so they’re not going to be able to experience the same community that we got to experience as kids, and I think that’s wrong.”

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